Facts and concept

Hide Kulturbrott is the comprehensive title, of an interartistic research project in a long forsaken limestone quarry on northern Gotland.


The Hide group, formed 1993 by four artists, initiated the cultural activities in the former limestone quarry in Hide.
The group has a ten year tenant lease with the owner AB Gotlands Kalkverk/Cementa AB.


Our intention is to develop activities during 10 years. Our aim is European inter art research project and use the quarry as our meeting place. The activities will be guided and shaped by the work and needs of the participating artists. Crossfertilizing is a necessity for renewing and developing of all cultures. Kulturbrottet is meant to be the point where artists meet to find and develop various ways of expression. Where they used to quarry for stone, we will quarry for new culture. Our aim is to cause as many exciting and unexpected meetings as possible amongst artists, amongst arts and expressions, amongst those invited to the seminar for our own renewal and the audience pleasures.